wRC+ Says LaRoche and Rendon Should be All-Stars This Year, but they won’t be

The Nationals have two viable position player All-Star candidates if you look at the team through the lens of wRC+ which uses weighted on base average and adjusts for park effect.

Adam LaRoche is tied for the best hitting 1st Baseman in the NL this year.  Goldschmidt leads in the voting after his near MVP season last year. ALR doesn’t even make the top five in voting.  This is a shame because the guy is having such a good year.

Name Team wRC+
Adam LaRoche Nationals 154
Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks 154
Freddie Freeman Braves 149
Anthony Rizzo Cubs 147
Matt Adams Cardinals 136

Adam LaRoche has been remarkably consistent this year too.  His wRC+ has stayed about 155 of 55% better than the average MLB all year.  He has avoided the hot and cold streaks that have defined his career so far.


Rendon is an interesting case,  He has played most of the year at 3rd but is listed on the ballot as a 2nd baseman.  David Wright is the leading vote getter at 3rd and if the world is right Todd Frazier will make the team also, but Rendon is a solid #2.

Name Team wRC+
Todd Frazier Reds 140
Anthony Rendon Nationals 127
Matt Carpenter Cardinals 123
Luis Valbuena Cubs 120
Casey McGehee Marlins 118

Now the story gets interesting when you look at 2nd.  Chase Utley leading the vote, but he isn’t even in the top 5 hitters according to wRC+. Rendon is the run away best hitting 2nd baseman in the NL and if things are right with the world he will be representing the Nats at Target Field.  Unfortunately, I suspect bigger name players like Neil Walker or a big market player like Dee Gordon with all his stolen bases to make it.  (BTW I am not sure what a Scooter Gennett is, but from what I can tell he is a platoon player that only plays against right handed pitchers.)

Name Team wRC+
Scooter Gennett Brewers 128
Anthony Rendon Nationals 127
Daniel Murphy Mets 121
Luis Valbuena Cubs 120
Neil Walker Pirates 120



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