Please Stop The Phrase “Battle of the Beltways”

Now that the Nationals / O’s series is over (I know there is still a game on the 4th,), there is one thing that really bothers me about the coverage.  The marketing phrase “The Battle of the Beltways” is stupid for quite a few reasons.

You may think this is an overreaction, but a Google search turns up 29,100 results for “battle of the beltways.”  The phase was spouted by MASN over the last few days like they got a nickel every time it was used or it was part of a subversive drinking game to ensure regional inebriation.   Please make it stop.

It is the bastardization of the original marketing line “Beltway Series.” The only problem, Baltimore is not on the Capital Beltway.  So,  someone realized that Baltimore has a road they call the beltway so they just added a “s” and kept the phase.  The new phrase doesn’t even make sense.  How do two roads battle?

“The Beltway” is a phrase used to describe the road that goes around DC.  It is a pop culture idiom to describe things that happen in the Federal Government.  It’s a phrase used on the nightly news and a nickname used by political insiders. It is a world-wide phrase associated with the Nation’s Capital.  Nobody outside of Dundalk knows there is a road that goes around Baltimore or much cares.  “Battle of the Beltways gives way to much credit to a city whose claim to fame is being the subject of a very good HBO show about their corruption and a cheaper place to film movies and TV shows about Washington, DC.  I am sure they use the phrase Beltway like a little brother says “me too.”

I wouldn’t really care, but It looks like the name is becoming permanent and it needs to stop. Ironically the phrase “Battle for the Beltway” would be more appropriate considering how much the O’s covet the Washington DC area as a fan base.  Than again the Nats only exist due to the kindness of Angelos, right, Buck “get in the bleeping box” Showalter?


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