The Best Images of a National League East Championship

Some cities go an entire generation without a division title. Some cities go entire generation without a baseball team altogether. So, when a night like last night comes around, it’s fitting and appropriate to enjoy it.  Here are some lasting images from a celebration of a 2014 National League East Championship.


Seriously, if the above image of Adam LaRoche hugging his son Drake doesn’t make you at least a little misty, you’re probably a robot. If you only remember one image from last night, remember this one.


Always the team leader, Ian Desmond was the first National to put on the Championship t-shirt and hat. If anything, I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing it under his uniform.


Not a bad time to make the trip to Atlanta to see the hometown Nats.


Take your shoes off Bryce.


For some reason, the Nationals clubhouse resembled a creepy European disco you wouldn’t want your daughter to go to while studying abroad. After the game, Hollywood producers probably used the Nats locker room as a set for “Taken 3”.


Lost in the celebration was this unfortunate man (in the background in a Braves shirt), presumably a Braves/Turner Field employee who not only had to watch the Nationals destroy the clubhouse for which he’s responsible, he probably also had to help with the cleanup. Poor guy.

photo(1) copy

Matt Williams appears to have brought his own beer to the Miller Lite party. Say what you want about Matt Williams, but the man didn’t settle for crappy watered down domestic beer. He also quoted Robert Frost in his victory toast. That’s way too much culture for a city like Atlanta.


Poor Dan Kolko.


This speaks for itself.


The reason the Nats won the NL East. And the reason they’ll probably win it again next year.

Congrats boys. Bring on the Cardinals.


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