Takeaways from the first Nats win of the season

Takeaways from tonight’s 2 to 1 win over the Mets:

1. Bryce Harper’s arm: The Mets were afraid to test it, and they’re wise to be afraid. It looks like Harper’s move to right field this season was a smart one. Not only is Bryce keeping singles from becoming doubles, he’s covering good ground out there, showing the extra few steps Jason Werth has lacked in the past few seasons. I can’t wait to see Harper’s first victim on the basepaths. 

2. Ryan Zimmerman’s glove: speaking of new positions, Ryan Zimmerman looks like he knows how to play first base. This shouldn’t be a surprise because–you know–he’s been an infielder his entire life. 

3. Bryce Harper’s singles: earlier today I noted Harper’s strikeout higher rate in 2014. Today, he twice simplified his swing and slapped a single into the outfield. Bryce Harper looked like a dangerous well-rounded hitter today. 

4. The bullpen: Matt Williams is a guy that ordinarily likes routine, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Treinen and Storen were the regular eighth and ninth inning guys. If so, that lineup looked pretty imposing today. It was nice to be able to take it to one run lead and carry it all the way till the end. 

5. Your Thom Loverro suggested Hot Take of the Day: Jordan Zimmermann out-pitched Scherzer. HE should have been give the $210 million contract. Write it up, Thom. 


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