Surprise!!! The Nats Best Hitter This Year Rhymes With Granny Mespinosa wRC+

Who had Danny Espinosa as the Nats best hitter through Week 2.  The crazy thing is, all his hits have been from the left side, traditionally his worst side of the plate.  He is only batting .238 but has a .385 OBP and is hitting HRs at the same pace as Harper. Warning SSS, he has about half the number of at bats as a guy like Harper who who plays every day.  Espi and Uggla have been splitting time at 2nd. So far, Danny looks like a much better option.

Desmond had the biggest one week jump.

Werth has had a tough first week back

Bryce is right on track.

Michael Taylor acquitted himself nicely at the plate…good luck in AAA

Player Now Last Week Change
Danny Espinosa 171
Bryce Harper 158 134 24
Ian Desmond 138 28 110
Michael Taylor 124 112 12
Yunel Escobar 122 130 -8
Clint Robinson 106
Ryan Zimmerman 97 47 50
Wilson Ramos 79
Jayson Werth 22
Dan Uggla 5

I keep track of wRC+ or (weighted runs created) on a week to week basis. This is a stat that measures a players offensive contribution compared to the league average (100 = average.)  In this case, Danny Espinosa is 71% better than the league average and Dan Uggla is 95% worse.  This is different than WAR because it only measures hitting, it is not cumulative and it does not take into account player position.


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