Here’s the best guess what happened between Harper and Hudson

I tried to fit this inside a tweet, but it requires way more than 140 characters. We’ll know later tonight what happened to get Bryce Harper ejected, but here’s my best guess based on the video replay. 

1. Hudson calls a low pitch a strike. Matt Williams or someone else shouted something from the dugout. Harper steps back and keeps one foot in the box, which is allowed. 

2. Hudson starts shouting back at Williams and they exchange words. Hudson starts walking towards the Nats dugout. During the exchange, Harper steps out of the box. 

3. After he’s done arguing with Williams, Hudson turns and shouts at Harper. We don’t know what he said, but he pointed at the batters box. He probably said something like “you’re not supposed to step out of the box” or “get back in the box.”

4. Harper, who only stepped out because the umpire wanted to argue with Matt Williams, argues back and points to where he was standing immediately after the pitch. 

5. Harper is ejected. 

I’ll have more thoughts on this later, but the bottom line is Hudson picked a fight with Harper. He was angry about the dugout exchange and decided to yell at Harper about something pretty inconsequential. And worse, he was way too quick with the trigger finger, hurting the Nats and anyone who paid to see Bryce Harper play tonight. 


2 thoughts on “Here’s the best guess what happened between Harper and Hudson”

  1. Wow, now that everything had come out, pretty impressive. Now, can you tell me what Gio is yelling into his glove?

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