Review: PNC Park


The Pirates got this stadium right. It is a perfect baseball stadium in so many ways. It avoids the easy traps and excesses that a lesser designed stadium would fall for. It elegantly recognizes history without beating the fans over the head with it. It provides, probably the most picturesque view in sports and shares it with all. The crucial decision about the design of the stadium revolved around eliminating an outfield upper deck. Without an upper deck, virtually every seat has a postcard view of the Pittsburg downtown skyline. This limits the stadium to 38,000 seats compared to the 41,000 in Nats Park.20130506-152839.jpg

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Review: Citi Field in New York


Citi Field in New York, the home of the Mets, is like Ebbets Field without the charm of Ebbets Field.

I never saw a baseball game at Ebbets.  It was demolished 1960, long before I was born and three years after the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.  But it couldn’t have been like Citi Field.

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Review: Coolray Field


In 2009 the Atlanta Braves, which unlike most MLB Franchises happens to own their own AAA franchise moved the Richmond Braves to a new stadium built in Gwenette a suburb of Atlanta, now know as Coolray Field. The move was curious at the time because, while the Richmond Diamond was not the most modern of facilities, the team always was an average AAA draw and the affiliation with the city was long standing. In fact the Richmond Braves used to be the Atlanta Crackers before the the franchise from Milwaukee relocated to Atlanta. The best comparison to DC would be moving the team to Leesburg, Manassas or Germantown. This move was less financial decision, more a deliberate strategic retrenchment plan the Braves organization developed . That is for another post.


The stadium is a generic minor league Populous design. It was built in the middle of an empty field with ample parking, It has none of the charm or sense of place that most of the successful minor leagues stadiums have. The Continue reading “Review: Coolray Field”

Marlins Park Review


The Nationals complete a three game series with the Miami Marlins tonight, the first of three trips to the retractable-roof stadium resting in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. I visited Marlins Park last year during its inaugural season.

Marlins Park is a sad place, despite the fact it’s intended to be the exact opposite.
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