What Nats Are Eating: Jerry Blevins

Donuts and Bacon


Gio Gonzalez eats dessert, dominates Mets

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 4.01.12 PM

Mickey Tettleton ate Fruits Loops.  Wade Boggs famously ate chicken before every game.  Gio Gonzalez eats lots of dessert, apparently.

According to his Twitter/Instagram accounts, Gio Gonzalez consumed at least part of the above disgustingly awesome dessert spread last night somewhere in New York City before today’s start against the Mets.

How did Gio do?  Seven scoreless innings.  Seven strikeouts with only five baserunners.  A season high 84 strikes and 17 missed bats.  In other words, his best game of the season.

Diabetes, weight gain, and tooth decay are serious issues.  But we have a division to win.  Eat away, Gio.

What Did Bryce Harper Eat Today: Pancakes

For some reason, we are obsessed at Half Street Heart with twit pics of Bryce Harper’s food.


Bryce Harper’s breakfast


This is what happens after rain delays.

This morning, Bryce Harper tweeted out the above photo of his breakfast.

Growing boy.

Allegedly, French Toast was also on the way, courtesy of his father. Twitter will be closely monitored to find photographic verification of that.

Hopefully, tomorrow morning there is actual baseball to talk about.