Bryce Harper 10-1 odds to win Home Run Derby: Says some random guy


Bleacher Report, which does a fantastic job churning out vast of amounts of sports content which may or may not actually be accurate, has pub their odds for the winner of the Home Run Derby.  They pick Chris Davis, and why would you not pick Chris Davis, but the write-up about Harper makes the case that he has the raw power to win.  It also points out his performance as a prep baseball player hitting a 500 foot home run in the Trop, that launched him into legend status.

Michael Cuddyer (National League) 100-1

Yoenis Cespedes (American League) 30-1

David Wright (National League) 25-1

Prince Fielder (American League) 20-1

Carlos Gonzalez (National League) 15-1

Robinson Cano (American League) 12-1

Bryce Harper (National League) 10-1

Chris Davis (American League) 5-1

2013 Home Run Total: 13

Number of Previous Home Run Derby Appearances: None

Best Finish: First-time participant

Career Home Runs At Citi Field: Three (33 AB)

Blessed with as much raw power as any player in the game, Washington’s Bryce Harper has the best chance on the National League squad to walk away with the Home Run Derby title.

While this is Harper’s debut in the MLB Home Run Derby, it’s not the first time he’s participated in such an event, doing so at Tropicana Field in 2009 while still in high school. And what a show he put on, including this 502-foot blast, one that would have cleared multiple stadiums around the league.

If you weren’t planning on watching this year’s Home Run Derby, Harper’s inclusion is reason enough to tune in. He is capable of putting on a tremendous show, one that rivals Josh Hamilton’s performance in the 2008 Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium.


Harper is in the Home Run Derby: What about the curse? We are doomed!

Bryce Harper was announced as one of the four people in the National League Home Run Derby by team captain David Wright.  We are doomed!  Everyone knows that the HR Derby screws up a players swing and they crater for the rest of the year.  Right?  Well, not really.

There a quite a few people who have looked into it and come away saying there is no such thing as the curse.  There is selection bias when it comes to the contest.  Players having great first half are usually selected.  In many cases these players 2nd half don’t match their 1st, but they do exceed their career norms.  A great example this year is Chris Davis, he is having a career year.  If he does not hit as many home Continue reading “Harper is in the Home Run Derby: What about the curse? We are doomed!”

Review: Ty Cobb Museum

20130420-090712.jpgIt is impossible in our modern world to talk about Ty Cobb without the specter of racism being present. It is similar to bringing up the topic of Berry Bonds without mentioning steroids. The difference is, nobody doubts Cobb’s authentic achievements on the diamond, but Bonds accomplishments leave more to the interpretation.

Cobb’s achievements are truly remarkable. At his retirement he owned 70 or so records and received the highest percentages of votes in the inaugural Hall of Fame class. He was recognized in his time as being the greatest living baseball player. The Ty Cobb Museum is located in Royston, Georgia, the closest town to the small farm area where Ty Cobb was born. At one time, I am sure this was really the middle of nowhere, Ga.  Now, it is a little less than an hour from the suburban sprawl that is Atlanta.  The museum tells the story of Cobb from the perspective of his family and neighbors and friends.


The museum exists in a paradox of independent sports museums. You don’t make a museum for someone Continue reading “Review: Ty Cobb Museum”

Watching Fox Sports Detroit, Interleague Baseball Matters

For years, the American League played the American League and the National played the National and the world seemed to function just fine. Then, interleague play was introduced and baseball got better. It got better because teams like the A’s and Giants, the Yankee’s and Mets played and the Blue Jays Orioles and Nats play. There are a few teams without geographic rivals (Red Sox and Braves,) but that misses the point; baseball is better with more interesting games.

That brings us to the Tigers / Nats match up this week. These two team, which are picked by many to meet in the World Series, are on the every six year rotation. Every six years the Tigers come to Washington. To put that into perspective, the Tigers roster has almost entirely flipped over in six years. Justin Verlander, is the only significant players still on the team that last visited DC at RFK. Ivan Rodriguez was there, then here and retired since then.

Wednesday and Thursday we have a chance to watch Miguel Cabrera and Bryce Harper play on the same field at the Continue reading “Watching Fox Sports Detroit, Interleague Baseball Matters”