Petco Park, notice anything different?

Petco had the nickname among those in San Diego as Petco National Park.  Rumor is that the park was purposely built to favor the pitchers and, more precisely, hold down the number of home runs hit by Barry Bonds.  Pitchers love the park and hitters dislike it.  In the early days, Phil Nevin resorted to making gestures at the owners box when a hard hit ball of his dropped in for a double rather than a home run

Over the winter, the Padres made changes to the park to bring the outfield power alleys further in.

In left-center, the fences were moved in from 402 feet to 390 feet.

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Gloating over Craig Kimbrel’s failure

Things I enjoy: Rooting for the Nats and gloating over Atlanta Braves failure.

So, it is with great delight and much pleasure that bring you highlights from the Reds/Braves 9th inning last night.

And now the man of the hour in the man on the mound, Craig Kimbrel looking for career save number 100…would become the second youngest to reach that level.

First batter Jack Hannahan

Strike 3 called on three pitches, Kimbrel has his first out….always good to get that first guy

Next up, HSHA favorite, Corky Miller The Nationals, The 1900 Reds, and Corky Miller is Fantastic

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Joey Votto Loves Bryce Harper’s Moxie


Ken Rosenthal‘s post game column on Fox Sports was about Joey Votto’s man crush on Bryce Harper. Well, the meetings at South Capital Street and Half Street are quickly filling up. Luckily we have 41,000 folding chairs to pull up nightly.

Rosenthal didn’t approach Votto; the Reds’ slugger and one of the most cerebral players in baseball did the approaching. Some of the pull quotes are insightful and quite frankly amazing to hear from an opposing player.

“I don’t think he can fail,” Votto said. “With his swing and his size, I’m not sure it’s possible for him to fail.” “I’ve never thought a guy was more likely to have long-term success than him.”

Votto then goes into a story about the first Nats / Reds series in Cincinnati earlier this year when the players were challenging each other.

“Hey Bryce,” Votto recalled saying, “hit a home run.” Harper didn’t shy from the challenge. “He said, ‘OK’ — and he homered,” Votto said. “Then I homered. I said, ‘It’s 1-1.’ And then he doubled.”

I can only assume that Harper moved on to the next challenge at 2nd base from former Expos draft pick Brandon Philips (yes, I am still bitter).