3 Reasons Ian Desmond can beat Yasiel Puig


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The conventional wisdom says that Yasiel Puig will run away with the Final Vote to became an all-star.

It’s hard to argue with that, but sometimes the conventional wisdom is wrong.  Here are three reasons Nats Nation can rally Ian Desmond to an all-star spot. Continue reading “3 Reasons Ian Desmond can beat Yasiel Puig”


Not To Pile On Danny Espinosa but…

Danny Espinosa
Danny Espinosa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danny Espinosa has not been good on this road trip, below are his stats for the last 14 days.  He is literally an automatic out.  It would be one thing if this team were hitting the ball and scoring lots of runs, but on a team that seems to only manage a few runs a game.  His failure is magnified because the chances to score are so few.

Danny Espinosa 48 2.10% 37.50% 0.06 0.087 0.106

I am not sure what is the most startling stat:

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Review: Dodger Stadium


Attending a baseball game in Dodger Stadium was a surprising experience.  It was all about expectation and location.  I expected a normal stadium (it isn’t) and I expected a urban local (not even).  Living in LA means sitting in your car a lot.  Hopefully, moving in your car, but most likely just sitting.  I lived in the high desert of San Bernardino County,  so it was a good hour drive from my home to Chavez Ravine.  After so much start and stop, I exit the 5 onto Stadium Way which then winds through Elysian Park past the Chavez Ravine Arboretum.  While driving through a park I saw families eating picnic lunches.  I began to question if I was in the right place.  At that point the trees opened to provide a view of one of the most unusual stadiums in baseball.  From the parking lot the Think Blue sign is large and sets a very Hollywood sign tone for the experience.

Dodger Stadium is a unique stadium for so many reasons.  It is one of the few MLB stadiums along with Kaufman Stadium that seems to exist in a Continue reading “Review: Dodger Stadium”

Things I learned from Vin Scully and his scouting report of the Washington Nationals

English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vin Scully is simulcast on radio for his first three inning.  It is strange to watch a TV broadcast where the announcer say the pitcher rocks and delivers.

The Nationals like to swing at the first pitch, probably 30% of the time Washington will go after that first pitch.  They like to bunt, they have five bunt singles.  They don’t hit into double plays, and they are a formidable ball club.  However they do have a problem Ryan Zimmerman (shot of Zim in the dugout) you would expect that they would be doing well in the power department and on the sheet they have hit 33 home runs to the Dodgers 26.  

Denard Span from Washington D.C.  So born to play for the National

You could spend half the night talking about Harper (started telling a story about Harper while he was still in the batters box). How odd is it for Harper to bat 3rd in the lineup for a 20 year old.  For 57 year Al Kaline was the only member of the club.  If you had the under of 3 as number of Al Kaline references by the 3rd inning you lost.

It is called a run and hit.  Vin switched the wording, so it is so.

Scully also noticed that the Nats are the worst pinch hitters in the league

Harper was playing T-Ball at the age of 3.

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Listening to Vin Scully, from Jackie Robinson to Bryce Harper

Vin Scully
Vin Scully (Photo credit: iccsports)

One of the great things about the Nats playing the Dodgers in California is the chance to listen to Vin Scully do the broadcast. For perspective Scully was the broadcaster for the Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers and the play by-play man for Bryce Harper‘s first game. Let that sink in a little bit….

Unless something changes, Scully now only broadcasts the Dodgers’ home games. His TV broadcast is simulcast on radio for the first three innings. It can be listened to with the MLB app.

Bonus: Here is a great anecdote from earlier in the season from USAToday:


Living monument to the grandeur of baseball Vin Scully doesn’t know everything, and he’s not afraid to admit it and ask you, the viewer, for help.

For example, after promoting a Twitter poll during the Dodgers’ 4-3 win at San Diego, Scully added, “Can I ask you an honest question, just between you and me? What in the world is a hashtag?”

Review: Citi Field in New York


Citi Field in New York, the home of the Mets, is like Ebbets Field without the charm of Ebbets Field.

I never saw a baseball game at Ebbets.  It was demolished 1960, long before I was born and three years after the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.  But it couldn’t have been like Citi Field.

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