The Orioles-Nationals Attendance Numbers

The attendance at Nationals Park was 41,260  yesterday, a sellout.  Were these numbers unusual?  Here are the attendance numbers for past Orioles-Nationals series at Nats Park.


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Petco Park, notice anything different?

Petco had the nickname among those in San Diego as Petco National Park.  Rumor is that the park was purposely built to favor the pitchers and, more precisely, hold down the number of home runs hit by Barry Bonds.  Pitchers love the park and hitters dislike it.  In the early days, Phil Nevin resorted to making gestures at the owners box when a hard hit ball of his dropped in for a double rather than a home run

Over the winter, the Padres made changes to the park to bring the outfield power alleys further in.

In left-center, the fences were moved in from 402 feet to 390 feet.

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Did the Nationals cancel tonight’s game for the right reason?

I live less than 10 miles away from Nationals Park, and right now it’s not raining.  Other fans, who are closer to the Park report the same thing.

Teams usually make every effort to play a game before deciding to cancel. Perhaps they didn’t hesitate because they had an available make-up day on Thursday.  But maybe, just maybe, the Nationals thought Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth needed an extra day of rest.

If Justin Verlander were scheduled to pitch, the Nationals might have canceled the entire series.

More Nationals, Willie Robertson, Chipper Jones, Adam LaRoche and Duck Dynasty Might Save the Season

As if the appearance of Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty at Nats Park over the weekend wasn’t interesting enough, I think it might cure Adam LaRoche of his prolonged slump.  As I research Buck Commander, the show Willie, Adam, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Ryan Langerhans (traded for Michael Morse) host, I found they  had a guest at one point.  Chipper Jones was also involved with this group of deer hunting enthusiasts   The same Chipper that studied film with LaRoche in Atlanta Monday, before Adam broke his 0-26 slump.

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Catching Up with Jenn Rubenstein–the Nationals Sage Burner


Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog reported yesterday that two Nationals mega-fans were outside Nationals Park burning sage and sacrificing a rubber chicken in a desperate attempt to reverse the team’s fortunes. You can read more about the ritual at Nats Enquirer and Woeful Nats.

We caught up with the sage burner, Jenn Rubenstein, today to ask when, where, why, and how she decided to take the Nationals season into her own hands.

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Abe Lincoln Loses Again in the Nationals’ President’s Race

Nationals Presidents Race

Teddy lost again last night.  So did William Howard Taft.  And so did Abe?

In a somewhat surprising development, Abe hasn’t won a single President’s Race this season, going 0-12 so far.  Tom has won 7 and George has won 5.  Teddy and Bill Taft are also winless.

Lincoln finished second last season, winning 29 races to George Washinton’s 30.  What’s going on?  Did Abe fall out of shape after a crazy offseason?  After all, he was nominated for 12 Oscars.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Swick Foto



Pete Kozma and the Nationals from the Cardinal’s TV Side

Pete Kozma, Ryan Zimmerman
Pete Kozma (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

A review of  the Cardinal’s broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest

The game started off with a few swipes at the Nationals and the fan base:

Dan McLaughlin:  I don’t know about you, but I understand it is a cold evening, a little breezy, but I am a little surprised about the empty seats here in Washington. 

Al Hrabosky: With the Cardinals in town?

Then they posted their poll question of the day.  Something to the effect of: Would you tank two seasons if you knew you could get Strasburg and Harper in the draft.  They came to the conclusion that maybe that would be a good strategy for a team like the National, but a team like the Cardinals wouldn’t do something like that.

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